Organic Red Label Top Soil

Our red label top soil is made from high grade organics to which are added naturally slow releasing organic fertilizers in the form of kelp, blood meal and bone meal.

Suggested Uses

Vegetable and Flower Gardens: Level the garden bed and turn over the top 12-20cm (6”-8”) with a spade. Spread 6” of red table top soil on surface of the soil. With sandy and clay beds, use up to 5 cm (3”).

Bulbs, Roses, Shrubs and Trees: Dig a hole the size of the plant root ball. Fill with half of the red label top soil, add soil removed, mix well. Remove enough soil to place the root ball flush with the surface, place plant and fill with remainder of soil mix.

Soil Amender Compost

Soil Amender is an excellent source of organic matter and improves plant growth by enhancing soil physical properties, providing a source of energy to beneficial soil organisms, and enriching the reservoir of soil nutrients. It is 80 green waste and 20% food waste. A productive soil should have at least 3 – 4% organic matter that can be built up slowly through repeated applications.

Suggested Uses

Home Gardening: Mulching with Soil Amender helps provide constant supplies of organic matter as mulch decomposes. It will help to reduce weeds, maintain soil temperatures, and retain moisture. Most landscapes benefit from a 2-4” layer of mulch.

Organic Brown Label Manure

This manure is well rotted and sifted steer manure with a light mix of wood chips, a proven natural and effective fertilizer.

Manure left on the surface of the garden and flower beds in the fall, after all harvesting and flowering is finished for the year, will leach into the soil during the winter.

Suggested Uses

Vegetable and Flower Gardens: Remove the surface weeds and then lay over a 1” to 2” layer of brown label manure. The manure will provide a fertile mulch, which will enrich your soil and prevent erosion.

Do not place manure near roots or stocks of plants -- it may burn them.


Topsoil and manure and compost are sold in 20 litre bags. All three are $6.00 per bag.

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